Summer 2023 Newsletter

Heya strangers. I've been neglecting this blog for a hot minute, but no more! I'm back with some updates and random thoughts. 

Since my last post over a year ago I've moved back to the Big Island (moving back in with the parents in typical millennial fashion), and have picked up quite a few gigs. Ironically, I moved back home because I wasn't getting much going music-wise in Honolulu, and kind of decided maybe the live music thing wasn't for me. But once I got home, gigs started falling in my lap. I've even had to turn down some! I took it as a sign that I was supposed to be home (actually wrote a ‘Home’ song since, you know, every songwriter needs one of those ;).  

I've also been working on getting some new releases polished up. For some reason this has been proving to be a challenge and a half, with all kinds of delays from lost voices to conflicting schedules etc. But I'm not giving up! I've got two projects in the wings: my chill acoustic hip hop mix-tape and a more indie/songwriter album. No release dates yet, but things are moving and shaking. Fingers crossed I'll have both projects out by the end of the year. 

A few other projects I've been delving into: 

I'm in a band again! We're called Kingside and we're a 4-piece rock/reggae/hip hop group. We've been playing out here and there at local bars and restaraunts and it's been a blast. We're still building our online presence - for now you can give us a follow on IG @kingside808

I've also been fairly involved in running our local songwriter group, Big Island Songwriters. For a while we were strictly online (something about a pandemic…) but now we're back to meeting up monthly and challenging each other with word prompts and songwritery shenanigans. We just had a showcase at Uila Records, which is a super vibey little venue that sells all kine records. It was a good time. 

Now to a random thought or three: 

Lately I've been finding that less is more, more or less. 

I seem to tolerate gin better than other alcohols and I think it's because I'm a ginger ;)

I think America would be a lot less divisive if we'd get off our devices…


Peace and Aloha


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