January's mantra: breath

Time just seems to slip and slide away. I've been absent here for a bit, focused on my live shows and covering at the family business due to us being short-staffed. I'm currently down with a chest cold, fever dogging…

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Summer 2023 Newsletter

Heya strangers. I've been neglecting this blog for a hot minute, but no more! I'm back with some updates and random thoughts. 

Since my last post over a year ago I've moved back to the Big Island (moving back in…

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Flavor days

The neon sky fills out as I shake the tired from my eyes. Life is what you make it -Joe Dirt. The days all blur together sometimes and it can feel like life has lost some of it's flavor, like…

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Finding time

Tick tock goes the clock (not the app!). My mind races to get the next task done. Time to make lunch, to post some content, to run to work, blah blah blah the list is endless. I could easily just…

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A letter to depression

Ah depression, it's been awhile. You're still up to your tricks I see. Trying to get me to despise life, to feel purposeless, to give up on myself. You still inject your fog-filled lies and try to give me a…

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Sunburnt orange

Sometimes things go painfully slowly in life, and you're left with a longing for something, anything to get you excited about living again. I itch for playing more music (then the introvert in me goes nah we're good).

I've been…

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