Sunburnt orange

Sometimes things go painfully slowly in life, and you're left with a longing for something, anything to get you excited about living again. I itch for playing more music (then the introvert in me goes nah we're good).

I've been developing a routine. (Almost) every morning I get up, make my bed, take a cold shower, do some form of exercise, sit out in the carport with a pen and notebook and write about whatever comes to mind. Then I make a complete breakfast; usually eggs, rice, some veggies, Greek yogurt or porridge, and an orange. Oranges are my new favorite thing. That vitamin C hit really does the body good. I've learned the value of taking care of yourself (through years of having to or risk my health worsening).

The other day I got sunburnt. My cheeks and nose were pink and I felt exhausted. This used to be a common occurrence (full-blooded Caucasian in a tropical climate...). Now I'm pretty savvy about hiding from the sun. I also wear a lot of hats (literally & metaphorically). I do my best to protest my fair skin but at the end of the day we're all just getting old and our skin is slowly wrinkling and wearing down. These are the kinds of thoughts you have when your life is moving painfully slowly.  

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