A song I wrote about wanting to get back to better days


I miss the old me
the one that used to run around until my lungs were just about exploding / Before the dog days car payment and heart break/ when I was still a kid with a dream of winning some trophies / I know the past is just a railroad and if I stay on this train too long I might just stay alone / but with every single second I feel older than my age and I’m afraid that pretty soon I’ll wish myself into the grave it’s getting late, now I’m staring out the window / cru fighting with my fears I'm sitting here in limbo / my life was simple now it’s full of intricacies and to believe that I can’t move ahead is getting to me feels like I’m stuck in a dream between where I wanna go and the things that came before both sides playing tug-of-war wanting something more than I could ever hope to become so I pray to God to show me how to cope cause I'm done! I miss the old me

I miss the old you, the one that used to give me the time of day, waste money on arcades / now I'm left stammering while you're on the phone and even when we're together it always feels so alone / I guess I'm hammering home all the feelings never had the nerve to say oh well you moved on and all the plans that we made fell by the way and by the way I hope you're happier now I hope you find whatever it is that you've been looking for way up in the clouds / I miss the old you

Tell me we haven’t lived our happiest days yet
Tell me there are happier days left
Instead of sitting here drowning in regret
About the things that might’ve been
Say the ghost of you and I
Is somewhere buried deep inside
Say we can bring it back to life

I miss the old us
I miss the old us
I miss the old us