1. The Stars


According to the stars
I'm a cold stunner force to be reckoned with I'm gritty and competitive
Fierce and intelligent dedicated, yeah I'm taking names and breaking benjamins, steady, self-relient and connected yep /But according to my ex, I'm too complex like the catacombs
not assertive enough, too skinny just a bag of bones
well whatever, least I'm clever, honey do, I guess we can't elope
she told me make good choices then she said "you're really bad at those!"
and maybe it's a sign that we might've missed our exit
or maybe it's my mind trying harder to forget this
she told me I could be a real jerk I got the message
didn't even have to text it, what a mess, I guess I'm going with the
stars / I'm going with the stars

According to the stars this year I’m gonna make a bunch of money
As long as I can shed the past and keep my outlook sunny
The sun and moon are lining up
My shadow days are running out
The Future holds a confrontation, could get pretty ugly
but the stars don't know too much about me
It’s amazing, how this late October baby keeps on sliding
My high school football coach told me I'd amount to nothing
well, look at me now head in the clouds no-one can touch me when I’m in the

stars / I'm really shooting for those stars
I guess I’m going with the Stars

And I don't know what the future holds
Or if written in the cosmos
And all these common complications
They been causing aggravation
So I point to constellations, yeah
I don’t know what the future holds
Or if it’s written in the cosmos
Still living in my parent’s basement
But I’ve got some confirmation (from the)

stars / Yeah I’m going with the stars
There’s something special ‘bout them Stars

They look so big and bright, those stars
According to the stars