January's mantra: breath

Time just seems to slip and slide away. I've been absent here for a bit, focused on my live shows and covering at the family business due to us being short-staffed. I'm currently down with a chest cold, fever dogging me like my head's stuck in a sauna. The silver lining is that I've been able to make a dent today on the multitude of books I checked out at the library in my overzealous state.

I've been trying to let go of uncontrollables. Between family crises and personal health issues there's been far too much negativity rolling around in my (far too) empathetic mind. Deep breathing, exercise, even streaming a Tony Robbins seminar to get out from under the weight of my own damn problems and into a mindset that resembles something hopeful.

That's the season I'm in, and if I zoom out enough I see that spring is coming, in both the literal and the metaphorical sense. Every winter comes to an end, as Tony so aptly stated to me and his million other participants. And honestly spring might be coming early for me, as February is shaping up to be a busy month for me musically, and I'm looking forward to the new experiences. For now though, I'll do what I know is in my control: breath.         

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