Finding time

Tick tock goes the clock (not the app!). My mind races to get the next task done. Time to make lunch, to post some content, to run to work, blah blah blah the list is endless. I could easily just move from one thing to the next to the next until I'm red-eyed and fried (sleep? Psshhh). But that's a sure path to burnout. Every time.

I like making lists - love the satisfaction of checking things off. I try to realistic though. Can I really do 35 things in a day? Probably not. So...I prioritize. Gotta eat. Gotta get some work done. Gotta take care of myself. Gotta get in some music. Gotta make time to talk to people. The rest doesn't matter so much. Getting rest does matter. A lot.

Songs don't write themselves (except when the muse is really firing). But putting in a 5 hr writing session doesn't guarantee a good song. Time moves at the same pace no matter what. But we've been conditioned to try and hack it, to cram our schedules and fill our days. I like how in Europe they have shorter work days and longer lunch breaks. Life is meant to be enjoyed. 

Who am I talking to? Myself, mainly. I've always had a fascination with time. I wonder if clocks were never invented, if people would be less stressed. If there was no such thing as a schedule, life would definitely be a lot more unorganized. But also simpler.

I need to have moments to myself. Quiet breaths where the world moves on without me and my mind has a chance to just exist without the push and pull of demands. We've been going through time since.....the dawn of time hehe. So what's the rush?