The In Between

Real talk: after a big show or a fun trip, I usually go through a severe “down”. I get home. Eat something. Calm down. Watch some youtube vidds. And sit there twitching, wondering what’s next. 

It’s like fireworks were going off, but now now the shows over and there’s nothing to see. So you go to grab a churro but they’re sold out and so you walk to your car and drive and there’s traffic and everybody’s honking their horn and trying to get home and then a pidgeon craps on you…I think I’ve taken the analogy too far, but you get the idea.

Life has a funny way of taking you up. Then leaving you high and dry with nothing to do. Busy times, then nothing. Chaotic beyond reason. Nothing. I think two of life’s big difficulties are learning to deal with the high times, and finding faith through the low times. 

For me, health problems exacerbate the low times. Depression tells me I’m a loser, that things aren’t good, that they’ll never be good again. I become a modicum of self-critique, analyzing every interaction and agonizing over everything I could’ve done better. Ahh the joys of being a nervous introvert. 

Fortunately I have friends and family that keep me from going to those downward spirals. My problems and insecurities always seem to shrink when I bounce them off the reality of others. Minds are good at over inflating things into mental balloons. I’ve got to periodically pop those suckers. 
The time in between can be a good chance to breathe, to plot and plan (world domination muahaha!). Without the lows there would be no highs. And vica verca. 

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