Summer Update

Hey it’s Higgs, coming in hot (literally this summer heat is like melting my Irish skin like crayons left on a stovetop¬†ūüėā).¬†
Just wanted to share what’s new with me.

Things have been pretty crazy (in the best way). I’m just off the Hawaii Songwriters Festival, which is always a blast of inspiration and a great time reuniting with friends. This year was special in that my song No Plans ended up¬†taking¬†top honors in the songwriting competition.¬†¬†

That song is coincidentally going to be my next single, out mid-August. The funny thing is it’s sort of a song about nothing- or rather about doing nothing.¬†It’s my ode to enjoying the here and now. I once heard Jerry Seinfeld say¬†how amazed he was that so many¬†people would watch his sitcom, which he referred to as “a show about nothing”. That’s how I feel about No Plans. But somehow it works¬†and¬†I’m excited to be sharing it with you ūüôā Also look out for some special guests featured in the music video.
I’m currently¬†hard at work (in my parent’s basement/my studio) hashing up the rest of the songs for my first full-length album.¬†

I’m also looking to do a little touring throughout the islands¬†in the not-too-distant-future. If you know of any places to play (venues, coffeehouses, churches, rooftops, living rooms, caves, street corners¬†etc)¬†please let me know!

Peace and Love~

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