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The week is catching up with me, like that world record line that they show Olympic swimmers trying to beat. I don’t think I’m gonna break any world record this week. It feels like I’m narcoleptic this morning. BUT! I am awake, and I’m writing my thoughts about everything and nothing, so there’s that. 

I got my first real check for toplining a song yesterday. It was a hip hop track that I added some bars and a hook over and it ended up getting put in to Math Club Music’s catalog. It feels good to have a little breakthrough, a little boost of confidence that I hope will continue to build into a solid career as I put out more content and whatnot. Mostly whatnot. 

I was thinking this morning, how true it is that life is what you make it (cue the Joe Dirt scene). Sure, there are things that you can’t control, events and circumstance that dictate to some degree or another what you are able to do. But there are a TON of choices that we can make to shape our life. I choose to get out of bed in the morning (most times ;)) instead of sleeping all day. And choices like writing and practicing vs watching t.v., feeling sorry for myself vs getting to work. It’s a constant  cacophony  of  choices! 

It can all get overwhelming, but it’s all these little decisions that make (or break) us as humans and as creators. And over time, our good choices turn into habitual responses. I like this quote by Aristotle: 

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

So many choices shape us, and even though there’s no guarantee we’ll get ’em all right (in fact guaranteed we won’t) I think if we are conscious about it we can make enough positive ones to shape ourselves into better, more loving, less emotionally detached, more successful people. Or you know, whatever you’re going for. But one thing at a time. I am making the choice to end post this now, before it gets any more semi motivational/cheesy. Here’s to doing! Creating! And choosing our choices wisely 🙂   

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