past tense

Well the calander year has changed. Quickly. I can see next year already, cause I got 2020 vision. Jokes. Last year was a mix of highs and lows, excitement and tedium, travel and recovery.

I think I learned a few things as well. Like how potatoes really are amazing in Ireland or how difficult it is to entertain a sports bar crowd as a solo artist. 

I learned that I can’t make it in the entertainment industry on my own (i.e. the value of collaboration and having a team). 

I learned that I’ll probably never have the energy or charisma to be a superstar. And that’s ok.

I learned that my music is worth more than the amount of times it gets downloaded or streamed.  

I learned that lofty dreams and realistic goals are not always the same thing.  

I’ve learned that to accept support and rely on my family and friends for help doesn’t mean I’m weak or a burden. It means I’m connected and invested. 

I’ve learned that staying true to yourself as a creative is the best way to go. 

I’ve learned to savor moments and connections with others, because those moments are the stuff that memories (and great songs) are made of.

 I’ve learned that art and hard work aren’t always appreciated, and that I have to be doing things I believe in otherwise I’ll just become a people pleaser. And nobody really wants that.

 Now I’m ready to learn some more as I continue my artist journey into 2019 and beyond~

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