Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m a scatterbrain. Sure, I have my moments of clarity and concentration, but way too often I find my mind unable to lock in on any one thought or task, instead swirling them all together with distractions and future plans, hoping that they’ll coagulate into something I can work with. But [...]

Up to no good (well, some)

It can be pretty isolating living up in the hills on an island. Sometimes I lose track of time and forget what day it is. I enjoy the solitude, but I it does make connecting with others a little tricky. Thanks to the interwebs, I can still be a part of a community while sitting in my home [...]

past tense

Well the calander year has changed. Quickly. I can see next year already, cause I got 2020 vision. Jokes. Last year was a mix of highs and lows, excitement and tedium, travel and recovery. I think I learned a few things as well. Like how potatoes really are amazing in Ireland or how difficult it [...]

Like it or Not

Social media is a powerful tool for us as musicians to stay connected to our fans and catch people up on our daily musical musings and happenings. But sometimes it feels like the social medium and aesthetic become more important than the art form that you’re trying to create. I’ve found myself on more than [...]

The In Between

Real talk: after a big show or a fun trip, I usually go through a severe “down”. I get home. Eat something. Calm down. Watch some youtube vidds. And sit there twitching, wondering what’s next.  It’s like fireworks were going off, but now now the shows over and there’s nothing to see. So you go to grab [...]

Summer Update

Hey it’s Higgs, coming in hot (literally this summer heat is like melting my Irish skin like crayons left on a stovetop 😂). Just wanted to share what’s new with me. Things have been pretty crazy (in the best way). I’m just off the Hawaii Songwriters Festival, which is always a blast of inspiration and a great [...]

*Something clever*

The week is catching up with me, like that world record line that they show Olympic swimmers trying to beat. I don’t think I’m gonna break any world record this week. It feels like I’m narcoleptic this morning. BUT! I am awake, and I’m writing my thoughts about everything and nothing, so there’s that.  I got my [...]